Well + Worthy
We work on feeling Well because we are Worth it!

I am a Type 1 Diabetic, diagnosed at age 4 and am now 38. I do everything in my power to live a long and healthy life and achieve my wildest dreams!

My passions are Wellness, body mind and spirit, Personal Development, Travel, Soccer, Fashion, Yoga and Meditation.

I care about myself and I want you to care about yourself too! I know first hand how it feels to have that awakening! I started this blog to connect with others and share my experiences. Now as my life has evolved,  I have started my own business as a Wellness Coach and I am revamping my blog, I want to share with you all the things I have learned so that we can keep getting better together!!

Are you ready to start taking small steps toward reaching your next goal? I’ve spent hours learning the best ways to get there and would love to share those simple steps with you in my next Wellness Group! Join the Well + Worthy Squad today. Shoot me a message and we will get you in!

Here are a few posts from my recent wellness group:





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