So I haven’t blogged in a year or so… whoops! But I am really feeling like I want to connect with my diabetes people these days.
12 days ago I started the #100happydays social media challenge on my facebook page. I’m loving it. I really do try to look at all the blessings I have in life so this was a good fit for me. Even on those days when my bgs are like a roller coaster, I am emotional from a spike, or just feel like throwing my pump off my balcony, there is always something to be happy about!
This morning I came up with the idea to do a #100happydaysdiabetes challenge for the Diabetes Online Community. Can I actually find things about diabetes to be happy about for 100 days in a row??
As I ask myself this questions – all the negative, sad thoughts I have around D just came crashing in! Ughhh!
But I think I can do this!
Not that I have any readers right now (other than my mom and sister-in-law, who aren’t on social media) but if you do happen to stumble across this post – and want to join me – please do! I would love to see what you have to share!
I’ll be posting the pics for the challenge on twitter ==>> @coriannh

Day 1 goes to making some great friends through the power of social media, the DOC (and words with friends) Me and Joanne at Disneyland last year!


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