Broken Pumps, Planning for Vacations and Tweet Chats

DC Detox update: Minus my five day trip to visit my bestie in Nashville, I have successfully broken the daily DC habit. I am no longer drinking one every night at home. I will always save DC as a treat that I have when I go out with friends and on vacation (hey I don’t drink alcohol so for now, I am reserving a place for DC in my life – just not an addiction to it!)

Broken Pump: Sunday night after eating a 1/2 cup of whole wheat pasta I grabbed my pump off my hip and robotically pressed the buttons to bolus for my carbs. The screen froze on the enter BG screen. I pressed the buttons repeatedly, waited, pressed, waited pressed. Removed battery, put battery back in…. BUTTON ERROR! Removed and replaced battery a few more times and.. surrendered. Called 1-800- MiniMed.”We are going to have to go ahead and send you a new pump ma’am”, the nice man at MiniMed tells me. “Ok, sounds good!” I reply. Then I head to my supply cupboard and dust off a syringe and whine to my husband that I have to give a needle and do you know how much I hate giving needles!! I’m sure this sounded kind of weird coming from a person who has been getting needles for most of her life. This was at 7:00 pm. My pump arrived at 9:00 pm! That’s pretty amazing service don’t you think? And although it happened at a bad time after eating a bowl of pasta (this is another reason to bolus before eating, but at least I got to enjoy my meal instead of knowing before and perhaps trading it in for a carbless dinner). Also, I had just returned from Nashville the previous Tuesday and am heading to Mexico this Sunday, so really, I am pretty impressed with my old pump’s timing and consideration for my stress level, that it broke at a pretty good time. That being said, I should probably take Medtronic up on the loaner pump offer for my trip to Mexico in case this one does decide to take a swim in the ocean or have a button error. Leading to my next point…

Planning for Vacations: Spontaneity does not really exist when travelling outside of the country with Type 1. However, I do have a pretty good routine set up now and a huge safety net, knowing that MiniMed is worldwide and hopefully could get a pump to me. The CDA also provides a great checklist on their website www.diabetes.ca/diabetes-and-you/living/guidelines/travel/. I am also travelling to Mexico with my husband, my mom and my brother’s family (including my 3 yr old neice who is also a T1). So between my travelling drugstore of antibiotics, pain releivers, nausea meds, extra supplies, extra bg monitors, extra batteries and so on, and my sister-in-laws AND my mom being there too. I am positive we will be covered. I am really looking forward to this vacation. It has been an extremely busy year and time with my hubby and family has been a little thinner than I’m used to!

And last but certainly not least: Tweet chats!!! Last night I opened up Twitter to tweet a pic of my 5.5 pre-dinner BG and I stumbled upon the canDOC tweet chat! It was pretty exciting for me because I have always just missed these in the past or been a lurker on other ones. Being that this one was with my fellow Canadian PWDs and it had just started, I thought I’d jump in! It was a very cool experience. The topic was “Stubborness”. Something we can all relate to. The Nigeria DOC and the Great Britain DOC joined in the chat too! Connecting with the DOC from around the world is a very cool feeling!  So after a Sunday evening of higher BG’s due to broken pump syndrome, Monday was an excellent day. I had in range BG’s, a 5.5, I connected with the DOC and to top it all off…. I won the #BGBINGO contest!!!
This is life with Diabetes, one day can be completely awful, and the next can be rainbows and unicorns!! Here’s to many more Rainbows and Unicorns!

Hasta Luego





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