DC Detox

Today is Day 4 without Diet Coke (DC) in my life. I feel bad mentioning the brand name, because as a diet cola drinker, I defended, praise and bragged about my diet cola of choice. It is the best tasting on the market if you ask me. However, there is just too much information out there today (most of it from my friend Amanda – who has turned into probably the healthiest person I know and will probably live to 200 and my mom who has started the war on aspartame back in the 90’s before it was trendy) about the negative effects of this bevy.

I cannot remember my first drink. It was probably at the hockey arena, where most of my childhood was spent hanging out with the other hockey sisters, or maybe it was at a birthday party when my friend’s mom wanted to make sure I had something to drink too. Either way, it gradually started to creep into my life. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, I guess drinking this brown fizzy liquid from a can was considered healthy. Wow, the power of advertising!

I am pretty sure as an adolescent that I was not addicted to DC. I remember drinking other things too – like Diet Sprite and Diet Gingerale. I guess bottled water hadn’t been invented yet (hard to imagine). I think it was in my twenties that I really became exclusive with DC. It was the perfect mix, the perfect popcorn companion, the perfect end to a busy day at the office, etc etc etc. I don’t want to glorify DC but as a PWD, this was MY treat! In my mid twenties, I decided to cut out alcohol (I just felt that it was not a healthy choice for my overall health and well-being), and soon after that I also quit smoking (which is the worst thing anyone can do for themselves and even more so for a T1.) Yes, I was a little rebellious back in the day. Anyway, my point is, the reason I hung onto to DC for so long is because “It was the only thing I had left.” That was my reason. I loved it. I still do.
Another justification for not ditching DC was “I only drink 1 a day”. Not including weekends.

There has been a lot of media lately around diet drinks and how they prevent weight loss. I work out 3-5 times per week and eat a very healthy diet. So I decided it is time. I have been talking about quitting for a few years now and the list of reasons why I should became longer than my list of reasons to keep drinking it. Here is my list:
1. aspartame is the new smoking (there could be a another list under this reason)
2. prevents weight loss
3. bad for teeth
4. causes water retention
5. bad for skin
6. causes hyperactivity
7. so that my friend Amanda will stop sending me emails about how I am poisoning myself
8. and because anything that I HAVE TO HAVE, and will send my Hubby to the store for an emergency DC run if we run out of, is not good. I do not want anything to have that kind of control over me!

So far it has not been as hard as I thought it would be. I had a headache for the first 2 days but it seems to have passed now. I purchased grapefruit flavoured Perrier, to replace the physical habit and have been enjoying Greens+ everyday (which was an acquired taste). Coincidentally, on Monday I started a free 21 day meditation online and the theme of the course is “Perfect Health”. Day 1’s focus and centering thought was “I commit to living perfect health”. How perfect was that for my second day into my DC free life?

I am sure there are many T1’s in my shoes which is why I wanted to share this post. I hope that one day, when I actually get some fellow PWD followers (not that I don’t love my current fan base – xo ) that I can inspire them to kick the habit too! And a big thank you to my mom and Amanda for encouraging me to say goodbye to DC.



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