This week I was chatting with my friend at work at the end of the day and she was telling me that she has to throw her lunch out and that her husband would be upset if he knew she was doing that. What does this have to do with Popples and diabetes? Well, it reminded me of some now funny stories (at the time it probably added to my parents worries though, sorry about that.)
Back in the old days when we had to walk uphill both ways to school, multiple daly injections, insulin pumps and carb counting were not heard of. When I was first diagnosed at age 4 until at least age 8 or so it was 1 injection in the morning and a very regimented balanced diet of starches, proteins, fruits, fats and extras. 3 meals and 3 snacks.
My snacks consisted of a juice box and digestive cookies or arrowroots. Ew! I didn’t like my snacks, but if I didn’t eat them my parents would not be happy with me so I had to find ways to get rid of them. One day when my dad was walking me to school he said he was shocked when out of the corner of his eye he noticed a ditch full of juice boxes and digestive cookies!! Clearly as a 6 year old I didn’t think that one through now my my brother knows why i always dawdled behind…).
As I grew older and with my parents onto my tricks I had to get creative. This is where the Popples come into play. If you’ve watched the video you will see that these little guys were the perfect hiding spots for gross snacks!! I’m sure if my mom were to look in the attic she may find a Popple full of snacks from 1989! Sorry again.
This week my niece turned 3. I really wanted to get her a Popple but sadly they don’t make them anymore.
And then I realized that today’s generation of T1’s don’t have to go through all the trouble of throwing out and hiding snacks, they can simply choose not to bolus! And on her birthday she can have cake (WITH ICING!!! And ice cream!!).
Since I couldn’t find a Popples I bought her a cuddle puppet blanket instead and will have to wait until she’s older to tell her about the old days and how good us t1’s have it today with all this fancy technology! I am so grateful for this technology and the flexibility it gives me. Unfortunately it is not a cure though.
Wouldn’t it be great if by the time my niece is my age she can tell stories of how back in the old days she used to have Diabetes but they found a cure!?
So here’s to the future – a cure for T1 and maybe the return of Popples too!!



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