My first post…

It has only taken me two or more years to start this blog. I have been waiting until everything is perfect. Until it looks pretty, until I have time to maintain it, until I have a perfect A1c.

I have a feeling many fellow PWD’s feel the same way, always aiming for perfection. Well this morning I had that perfect number and later today I had the complete opposite. (As I write this post from my hotel room I am waiting for my BG to come back down to earth) That perfect moment I am waiting for does not exist with Diabetes. It is ever changing and unpredictable at times.


I just read my favourite blogger’s daily post and was inpired to action. (Thanks Kerri and Erin http://sixuntilme.com/blog2/2013/02/islands_and_insulin.html)

I am inspired everyday by the amazing stories and experiences I read in the DOC and finally, the perfect time has arrived!

Awesome wake up call #diabetes #5.5 twitter.com/coriannh/statu…

— Cori-Ann (@coriannh) February 12, 2013



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